Guard against costly downtime

Machinery within the Agricultural industry benefiting from our filters include:

Combine harvesters
Delivery vehicles

Why do they need UDF filters?

UDF filtration systems keep your farming equipment performing optimally at all times, saving you time and money.

The harsh environment and extreme work loads agricultural equipment operates in makes protection imperative, therefore enhanced performance is essential, particularly given the short time frames nature allows.

80% of  agricultural diesel injection system failures is dirt or soot related. Consequently, performance and efficiency is affected, – resulting in longer periods out of service and costly, time-consuming system failures at critical periods.

The bottom line? The quicker and more efficiently a farmer can complete the mechanical operations of his season –   the more money he makes!

Insist on UDF filters being fitted by your tractor supplier before one drop of diesel is fed through your injectors!

Power your way into the future with ​Cleaner fuel, oil and air!​