Case: Manitou 190 Skidsteer installation

This pre- filter was installed onto a machine that operates in a harsh, dusty environment i.e. brickyards, chrome bagging plants, with the aim of providing a cost-effective solution that would protect the engines from environmental and internal engine contaminants present – and prolong the service life of the vehicle.

Installed onto the Mani GEHL Skidsteer, UD Filtration’s NEZ-UDF Pre-filter with exhaust extraction at 95% efficiciency.   Read more

Case: CAT 216 Skidsteer 

A client approached the UD Filtration team with the following dilemma:

  1. Equipment not reaching their scheduled service intervals due to blockage 
  2. Frequent engine failures with dire operational consequences
  3. The inability to plan for, or carry out preventative maintenance due to sudden failures 
  4. Unexpected, costly downtime of plant equipment 

 Read more on proposed solution

Case: Collaborative effort results in R9.6m in savings

The strategic intent of Kumba Iron ore to reduce production cost by $10 per tonne not only sparked collaboration and innovation that resulted in significant cost savings, but it also contributed meaningfully to safety, improved productivity and sustainable results. Read full article

Case#: J-Polycon emissions report

The purpose of this evaluation is to monitor the carbon monoxide gas, carbon dioxide gas, oxides of nitrogen gases, sulphur dioxide gas, formaldehyde vapour and diesel particulate concentrations being emitted by two diesel trucks in order to quantify the extent of gas and fume reduction (if any) provided by the installation of a U.D.F. unit. Download report

Case#: Dyno Test results on Mercedes Truck

The MercedesBenz Actros is a heavy-duty truck manufactured by MercedesBenz. It is normally used for long-distance haulage, heavy duty distribution haulage and construction haulage. The Dyno test results, performed by Steve’s Auto clinic, shows the Power (kW) and Torque (Nm) results between 1000-2000 rpm on the vehicle before, and after fitment of UDF’s filters. Download Dyna Test Results 

Case#: Results of installing UD Filtrations’ filters on Telecoms giant Orange’s generator sets

The engineers were concerned that, because of the extended time that the diesel remains in the tank, fuel deterioration and sludge formation would cause operation mishaps with the diesel engine.

 Faultless operation of these gen sets is required to ensure uninterrupted supply of power when power failures occur. Full article