What is bypass filtration?
It refers to the process of when a percentage of oil is filtered continually

Where is the oil feed taken from?
Oil is tapped from the main oil filter and restricted by a 1.5 mm orifice, allowing only 3% of oil flow to the bypass filter

What will the benefit be of bypass filtration for the engine?
Keeping the oil clean prolongs the life of the engine oil. Filtering the oil with a finer filter will also reduce the wear rate in the engine.

What is the OEM filter rating?
Engine OEM filters are normally 20 to 30 micron, and are fitted with a bypass valve which in turn will bypass when the oil is cold (not at operating temperature). When the filter is blocked in order that the oil is continually fed to all moving parts of the engine, finer filtration removes more dirt and keeps the oil within specification and prolongs the life of the oil

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