What are the benefits of hydraulic oil filters and filtration solutions? This and other frequent questions answered here:

Why should hydraulic oil be filtered?
Filtering the oil to an ISO Cleanliness level of 17/12/10 ensures that the oil does not have to be drained and replaced. Working with an oil analysis laboratory ensures that the oil remains within specification and should last for the life of the machine.

What is the benefit for the hydraulic system if the oil is consistently filtered at a level of 0.5 microns?
• The operating temperature will be reduced
• Reduces the possibility of foaming in the oil
• Protect the pumps and valves
• Prolongs the life of the hydraulic hose
• Reduces oil consumption
• Reduces service costs and down time
• Improves the efficiency of and productivity of the machine
• Prolongs the life of the oil

Will the filter remove the oil additives?
No – additives are sub micron in size and are unaffected by filtration

Will the viscosity change?
No – hydraulic oil does not break down with prolonged use and viscosity remains unaffected