GEHL R190 Skidsteer

Installed onto the Mani GEHL Skidsteer, UD Filtration’s NEZ-UDF Pre-filter with exhaust extraction at 95% efficiciency.  

This pre- filter was installed onto a machine that operates in a harsh, dusty environment i.e. brickyards, chrome bagging plants, with the aim of providing a cost-effective solution that would protect the engines from both environmental and internal engine contaminants present – and prolong the service life of the vehicle. 

Benefits of the NEZ-UDF filter include:

  • Removing dust particles that prematurely block air filtration system
  • Prolonging the life of OEM Filter Elements, in turn, extending service intervals and reducing operation costs
Why not just the OEM filter alone?

Due to the harsh operating conditions, use of only the OEM filter exclusively would result in: 

  • Prematurely blocking of OEM air filter element
  • Over fuelling, which leads to soot build-up and sludging
  • Fuel additives breaking down, rendering them ineffective 
  • High possibility of engine failure, effectively quadrupling maintenance costs

What the NEZ-UDF does for your fleet:

  • Exhaust extraction removes 95% large particles from the beginning
  • Extends OEM element life and helps meet standard service intervals as required by OEM’s which in turn reduces operating costs  
  • Reduces soot build up, extending engine life
  • Improves engine efficiency
  • Fuel savings 
  • More bottom line profits

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