Protect your investment

Vehicles within this industry that will benefit from our filters include:
Recreation Vehicles (RV’s)
Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs)
Double Cab

Why do they need UDF filters?
A common environment for a 4×4 would normally be overland or on safari – these conditions are extremely damaging for the diesel fuel system because of the amount of dust being sucked into the fuel tanks.

The high purchase and maintenance cost of these vehicles, is making owners more aware of additional measures that are needed to protect their assets!

The added problem of a failure or breakdown of the injectors and or pumps in a remote, isolated area is a very real, problematic and potentially dangerous situation to the vehicle owner.

UDF filters will protect the diesel injectors and pumps and as a result will keep the performance of your 4×4 at its peak and reduce the emissions produced by the vehicle.

All owners of leisure vehicles should request a UDF filter system is fitted to protect their investment.

Power your way into the future with ​Cleaner fuel!​