Mining and Construction

Machinery within this industry that will benefit from our mining filtration systems include:

Articulated Dump Trucks
Dozers and Graders
Refuse Compactors

Why do they need UDF filters?

This is an industry where replacement parts are frightfully expensive! Earth moving equipment is extremely costly and the risk of ‘down time’ is severe.

Our filters are essential in the mining industry because of the extreme and dusty environments in which the equipment needs to operate 24 hours a day. By removing all dust particles down to 0.5 Micron from the diesel, sticktion and excessive wear in the injection system is avoided. This happens when the dirt particles impede the smooth operation of the needle in the barrel.

With equipment required to operate at maximum capacity and productivity with very tight deadlines, breakdowns can be very costly.

Earth moving equipment often has to operate in remote areas, this means they are costly to retrieve and repair.

Avoid such costs, related to the fuel system, by installing a Ultrafine Depth Filtration mining filtration system today!

Power your way into the future with ​Cleaner fuel!​