Barloworld Equipment fits UDF systems onto Massey Ferguson tractors

Ultrafine Depth (UD) filters trusted by Barloworld Agriculture Since 2009, all Massey Ferguson tractors have been fitted with UDF fuel filtration systems, and users have enjoyed the benefits of Barloworld Agriculture’s forward looking decision to protect the machines that they supply in this way. Users report much greater pulling power and better fuel consumption with these tractors than before. Coupled with

The Answer is in the Smoke

We can generally understand what is wrong with a diesel engine by the colour of smoke emitted from the exhaust. There are three basic colours – black, white and blue. Black Smoke This is due to a air to fuel ratio imbalance, either the fuel system is delivering too much fuel into the engine or

Orange Telecoms relies on UD Filtration for optimum diesel generator operation

French telecommunications giant “ORANGE” relies on diesel gen sets to supply emergency electrical power to its communication network in the event of a break in supply of this utility by ESKOM. The engineers were concerned that, because of the extended time that the diesel remains in the tank, fuel deterioration and sludge formation would cause operation mishaps with the diesel engine.