Reduce energy and power generation running costs

Machinery within the Power and Energy Generation industry that will benefit from our filters includes:​​​​​
Hydraulic Rigs​​
Static and Mobile Power Applications

​​Why do these machines need UDF filters?
Environments within Africa are normally extreme, not to mention the poor quality of fuel available in such areas. Protecting your equipment is essential and in order to do this effectively you need to install a UDF filter!​

Reliability and efficient use of fuel is critical for your equipment’s operation. The cost to fill these machines is fixed, assuming there are no increases in the fuel price, and therefore the more KWs you can get per litre of diesel, the lower will be your running costs. Keeping operating costs as low as possible is the ultimate goal!

Compressor service intervals need to be met without delay. Our filters can assist you in making sure these critical deadlines are always met!

Drill Rigs are a critical piece of equipment because of their role in mining operations. You cannot afford unforeseen breakdowns and repairs because of dirty fuel! Avoid these events by installing a UDF filter system today!

Power your way into the future with ​Cleaner fuel!​