Stop dirt from entering your fuel system

Machinery within this industry that will benefit from our filters includes:
Road Freight – Long or short distance​
Bulk Freight – Coal and Fuel​
Construction industry – Tipper Trucks and Mixers​
Buses – Inner city and Luxury Coaches.​
General cargo

Why do they need UDF filters?​
The harsh environments these vehicles often need to operate in makes added protection for the fuel system vital. These vehicles also regularly operate in dusty environments or cross-border where fuel quality is severely compromised.

Does your OEM / vehicle supplier cover fuel related failures on your vehicles? If not…why not?…….because they cannot stop the dirt from entering your fuel system!​
However the UDF Filtration system will remove dirt particles down to 0.5 Micron in size, making it the most efficient and cost effective filter in the market today! Keeping your fuel 20 x cleaner and protecting your fuel system which will save you money.

Are you aware that your injectors can deteriorate up to 10% within the first 20 000km of operation because of dirt in the fuel system causing friction and wear? This in turn will cause an increase in fuel consumption, which you will have to afford.

If you own a diesel vehicle; from a passenger car to a super-Link; you need to protect your investments and contain your running costs.​
How do you protect yourself from such unnecessary costs and issues? Spec your vehicles before purchasing from your vehicle supplier with the UDF filter system.

Power your way into the future with ​Cleaner fuel!