Case: Ultra Clean Fuel Extends Injector Life

The injector parts pictured below showed no pitting at the seating area of the pin, no fluid erosion or gum build-up in the spray holes and only one score mark on the pin shoulder when examined under the microscope after 10,000hrs in service. These injectors would normally have had to be changed at this time according to the manufacturer’s service requirements but it is estimated that they will last well past 40,000hrs.

As the injectors were in pristine condition no wear related performance drop off occurred and this translates to a huge saving in fuel consumption. These results are typical of what happens when diesel fuel is filtered with a UDF filtration system.

UDF fuel and oil by-pass filtration systems have been tested and proved on numerous transport, earth moving, mining, construction, agricultural, mobile and static generator sets, diesel powered drill rigs, diesel powered water pumps and high end leisure vehicles.

Extensive field trials and proving tests have been carried on earth moving, agricultural, construction, mining and transport vehicles as well as static and mobile gen sets.

Fuel cleaned with UDF filtration systems to levels way beyond those recommended by the engine manufacturers will greatly improve the productivity and useful life of diesel power plants.


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