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About Us

Fuel Filtration Specialists

We Optimise the Future of Filtration

Our technical team assesses all client requirements and then hands it over to our company’s drafting and design department. Our drafting and design team ensures that all client requirements taken into consideration and are designed, installed and fitted according to client specifications.

Installations can be done on both static sites such as back-up generators, bulk tank filtration as well as mobile installations which include pick-ups, large earth moving and agricultural applications.

Quality Guarantee

Our products are suited to high performance common-rail diesel powered engines, hydraulic fluid systems, engine and final drive oils for heavy mobile equipment and industrial machinery.

Exceeding Standards

We the current international standards of cleanliness codes which enhance performance, efficiency, reliability and dramatically reduce emissions.

Better Filtration

Our filters provide 20 times better filtration than the standard filters in your equipment. The UDF filter continuously removes contamination (dirt, combustion, oxidation and abrasive particles).

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