Kumba Iron Ore

The strategic intent of Kumba Iron ore to reduce production cost by $10 per tonne sparked collaboration that resulted in significant cost savings and contributed to safety, productivity and sustainability.

Orange Telecoms

French telecommunications giant “ORANGE” relies on diesel gen sets to supply emergency electrical power to its communication network in the event of a break in supply of this utility by ESKOM.

GEHL R190 Skidsteer

Installed onto the Mani GEHL Skidsteer, UD Filtration’s NEZ-UDF Pre-filter with exhaust extraction at 95% efficiency.

CAT 216B Skidsteer

Design and installation of a tailor-made system and program to address the client concerns outlined in this case study.

J-Polycon Emissions

The purpose of this evaluation is to monitor the emissions being emitted by two diesel trucks in order to quantify the extent of gas and fume reduction.

Mercedes Truck

The Dyno test results, done by Steve’s Auto clinic, shows the power and torque results between 1000-2000 rpm before, and after fitment of UDF’s filters.

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