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Spec Sheet

MP101 STD Filter

The MP101 Dual fuel filter can be installed on both petrol and diesel vehicles.

Rating 10 to 370 kW motors. Easy change out, quick to install and fully disposable

MP101 R Filter

Amongst the different car performance parts, a fuel filter is an important component that will determine the efficiency of fuel delivery for the vehicle. When fuel delivery is perfect, it gives out optimum performance.

MP101 B Filter

For more than 30 years, boating enthusiasts have used the most trusted brand in the fuel filtration business… UDF Performance Filters.

Enhance your engine protection ten-fold when using UDF Performance Filtration & Separation Blocking Solutions. Every skipper wants a reliable & robust watercraft when setting out to sea.

MP101 G Filter

Description Required

MP101 LPG Filter

Designed to remove water, separate all impurities, tank scale, heavy ends filtering down to 0,5” micron removing 99% of all contamination particles.

LPG gas contaminants include iron-base mill scale a corrosion bi-product of the aging LPG infrastructure and byproducts of the system fabrication.


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